An outstanding Christian university that prepares you to lead the life God has called you to live.

At Northland International University, we show you how to answer the call of the Great Commission as a servant-leader. Every aspect of your experience with us is an opportunity for discipleship—from dorm life to daily devotions, from rigorous classwork to involvement in off-campus ministry. With a strong Bible-based education and continual opportunities for hands-on, real-world experience, we give you what you need to "be one. make many." God has great plans for you. We'll help you achieve them.


Jul 24

Northland Athletics goes to Camp!

Northland Pioneer Volleyball and Basketball teams help lead sports camps.  

Jul 22

This year’s Northland Theatre Schedule

Announcing 4 new stage productions for the 2014-2015 school year. 

Jul 17

Check Out Our New Degree Lineup

President Patz and Dr. Bennett announce the seven degree programs offered for this coming school year.


Dr. Bennett Appointed VP for Academic Affairs
Jul. 15 -

Dr. James Bennett is an alumnus, faculty, and former adminstrator of Northland. He now returns to Northland full-time as the head of academics. 

Southern at Northland this Fall
Jul. 10 -

President Patz shares more details on Northland's partnership with SBTS  and Boyce giving a preview of events planned for the fall semester. 

Northland Camp in Full Swing
Jul. 08 -

Northland Camp season is here, and it's been a wonderful time already.