An outstanding Christian university that prepares you to lead the life God has called you to live.

At Northland International University, we show you how to answer the call of the Great Commission as a servant-leader. Every aspect of your experience with us is an opportunity for discipleship—from dorm life to daily devotions, from rigorous classwork to involvement in off-campus ministry. With a strong Bible-based education and continual opportunities for hands-on, real-world experience, we give you what you need to "be one. make many." God has great plans for you. We'll help you achieve them.


Oct 15

Northland’s Mission and Legacy Continues with Southern

Northland to become campus of Southern Seminary and Boyce College

Oct 23

Faculty Contribute to New Encyclopedia

Dr. Gazal and other faculty will contribute articles to a new comprehensive encyclopedia on Christianity in America.

Oct 14

Northland Professor Appointed to be Latin Consultant

Dr. Gazal accepted appointment to be the Latin consultant for the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series.


D3 Snow Camp
Oct. 10 -

Action-packed high school camp with guest speakers Dan Dumas and Alex Tunnicliff. 

Harvest Fest
Oct. 10 -

Family Fun at Northland on Oct. 25 with free admission. 

Northland Professor Helps Organize International Conference
Oct. 09 -

UK conference brings Northland into the arena of international scholarship