The Northland Experience

In partnership with Southern Seminary and Boyce College, I am thrilled to announce the kickoff of our new offering, The Northland Experience, a non-traditional approach to the freshman year.

My experiences at Northland changed my life. Since 1961 God has used this “out of the way” place in Northern Wisconsin to accomplish something amazing in the lives of campers and students. While not everyone is called to be a pastor or missionary, we believe that all believers are called to a life of discipleship and Great-Commission living. The Northland Experience is designed to prepare students to take that next step, whatever that might be.

We have designed a one-year experience that we believe combines the best of our collegiate experience with rich biblical and worldview academics, intense discipleship, and a full student life program with the capstone experience of ministry at Northland Camp. Additionally, we want to prepare students for life outside of Northland with cultural and educational trips to London, Boston, and Louisville.

All of the academic credits earned in The Northland Experience fit seamlessly into any of the seven degree programs at Northland International University or can be transferred to many other colleges and universities, including Southern Seminary and Boyce College.
The Northland Experience

As a special gift, Dan DeWitt (Dean of Boyce College) will send a copy of his book Jesus Or Nothing to all of those who fill out an interest form at NorthlandExperience.org.

Dr. DeWitt will lead the group on the Boston trip. He shares with us a taste of what students will experience there: “They will spend time with Christian students from Harvard, MIT, and Boston College as we tour their campuses and talk about what it is like to serve God in such a prestigious academic setting. The afternoons will be spent in worldview training sessions led by Dr. Bland Mason, pastor of City on a Hill Church and chaplain to the Boston Red Sox. In the evenings, students will get to explore the rich history and culture of the city of Boston. It really is a life-changing experience."

Itineraries of the Boston trip and Dr. Jim Bennett’s trip to Oxford and London are available on the website.

Dr. Bennett summarizes The Northland Experience as “An intensive freshman experience that is rich in biblical content, full of intentional mentoring, and loaded with real-life application. In addition to enjoying all the benefits of the on-campus experience, students will receive additional opportunities to live and learn at various off-campus sites in this country and around the world.​"

If you know anyone who is still thinking through his or her college plans, make sure to share this opportunity!

To request more information and receive a copy of Jesus or Nothing by Dan DeWitt visit NorthlandExperience.org or contact registration at admissions@ni.edu or (715) 324-6900 x3100 .

To God be the glory!

Daniel Patz,
President, Northland International University

WVB 08/31/13 Chicago, IL Dayspring Bible College 11:00 am W 3-0 1-0
WVB 08/31/13 Chicago, IL Emmaus Bible College 1:00 pm W 3-0 2-0
WVB 09/03/13 Manitowoc, WI Silver Lake College 7:00 pm W 3-0 3-0
WVB 09/05/13 Home UW Fondulac 7:30 pm W 3-0 4-0
WVB 09/07/13 Home Maranatha Baptist Bible College 4:00 pm L 0-3 4-1
WVB 09/10/13 Ironwood, MI Gogebic Community College 6:00 pm W 3-0 5-1
WVB 09/13/13 Home Emmaus Bible College 7:30 pm W 3-0 6-1
WVB 09/20/13 Home UW Marathon County 4:00 pm L 1-3 6-2
WVB 09/20/13 Home UW Washington County 8:00 pm L 0-3 6-3
WVB 09/21/13 Home Moody Bible Institute 11:00 am L 1-3 6-4
WVB 09/21/13 Home Dayspring Bible College 2:30 pm W 3-0 7-4
WVB 09/24/13 Marinette, WI UW Marinette 6:00 pm W 3-1 8-4
WVB 09/26/13 Milwaukee, WI Mount Mary College 7:00 pm W 3-0 9-4
WVB 09/27/13 Chicago, IL Archer Invite vs Kuyper TBA W 3-1 10-4
WVB 09/28/13 Chicago, IL Archer Invite vs Moody TBA W 3-1 11-4
WVB 09/28/13 Chicago, IL Archer Invite vs Maranatha TBA L 0-3 11-5
WVB 10/01/13 Houghton, MI Finlandia University/Gogebic 5:30, 7:00 pm (EST) L 0-3 11-6
WVB 10/04/13 Grand Rapids, MI Grace Bible College/Dayspring Bible College 6:30 pm, 8:30 pm (EST) W 3-0 / W 3-0 13-6
WVB 10/05/13 Grand Rapids, MI Kuyper College/Dayspring Bible College 11:00 am, 1:00 pm (EST) L 2-3 / W 3-2 14-7
WVB 10/08/13 Home UW Marinette 7:00 pm W 3-0 15-7
WVB 10/11/13 Home Mount Mary College/Northland College 4:00 pm, 7:30 pm W 3-0 / W 3-0 17-7