Northland’s Future: Growth, Humility, and the Great Commission

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Dear Friend,

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Northland International University, my childhood home and alma mater, and talk with Dr. Matt Olson and the leadership there about how Northland has contributed to and continues to influence my personal growth and ministry. While I was there, I joined Matt in the studio to record a vidcast discussing Northland's unique and impactful ministry philosophy. Watch the interview here. I am excited about the work that God is doing at Northland, and how He continues to bless and guide this important school.

Throughout my years as a student at Northland, I was deeply impacted by the humble manner in which the faculty and administration ministered to one another and to the students. For them, servant leadership wasn't a cliché: it was a way of life, as evidenced in this recent vidcast in which Dr. and Mrs. Olson transparently share how God has deepened their relationship with Him during their time at Northland. Additionally, the importance of personal dedication to Great Commission service within the context of the Gospel-centered, discipleship-oriented local church was emphasized, both inside and outside of the classroom. This Christ-like attitude and commitment to the local church still characterizes Northland's leadership.

As Northland International University looks toward the future, it is my ongoing prayer that the faithful humility, local church emphasis, and Great Commission enthusiasm which have always been a part of Northland's foundational philosophy will continue to shape the university's ministry. I am thankful for Northland's renewed commitment to maintaining relationships with alumni and seeking new ministry partnerships for the sake of mutual edification and effective Gospel service. As Northland moves forward, I am excited to see how the Lord continues to bless and guide.

Daniel Patz

Published Date: February 9, 2013