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The financial needs of our students are great. College bills delay full-time ministry involvement by slowing down the college process (by sitting out a semester or longer) and by forcing students to graduate with student loans. The Great Commission Initiative is an endeavor to continue the mission of Northland in three areas:

  1. Raise funds for student scholarships so we can continue to prepare the next generation of servant-leaders. All the funds raised as a part of the Great Commission Initiative (GCI) will go directly to student scholarships.
  2. Find like-minded students. Doc O has said, “We don’t need to grow; we need to obey!”I believe this firmly but also recognize that there are many families,churches, and students out there who are passionate about Christ and taking His message to the ends of the earth; we want those students here!
  3. Recruit10,000 prayer partners. Jesus commands us in His model prayer to ask our Father for the coming of His kingdom. This prayer request is largely forgotten and completely absent from our prayer lists. We are hoping to recruit 10,000 people who will faithfully ask God to complete the task of the Great Commission!

God is building His church, and we are so excited that we get to be a part of that process by preparing the next generation of servant-leaders for Great Commission Living!

Will you partner with us either as a prayer partner, as a recruiter of like-minded students, or as a financial partner?