Degree Programs

This information is for the 2014-15 school year. Information regarding the 2015-16 school year can be found at

Biblical and Theological Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical and Theological Studies fully prepares the student to embrace the centrality of the Scriptures in his or her life and ministries, to properly understand sanctification and grace, to recognize the importance of the local church, and to become passionate for the edification of the Body of Christ and evangelization of the lost. The student will be immersed in our Liberal Arts and Bible cores as well as classes on faith and culture. This major also includes church history, Greek language, and in-depth theology courses. To complete this major, the student must undertake a capstone experience in theology.

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Christian Worldview and Apologetics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Worldview and Apologetics provides a wealth of biblical, theological, and philosophical training for the college student who intends to live out the Great Commission amid nonbelievers in the marketplace, academia, and media. In addition to our comprehensive Bible and Liberal Arts cores, this major offers key courses in philosophy, leadership, culture, and communication, enabling the graduate to integrate faith and culture, refine their Christian worldview and clearly articulate and defend the faith in a culturally-relevant way. The student must complete 128 credits, concluding with a capstone experience in leadership.

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Church Ministry

The Bachelor of Science degree in Church Ministry focuses on preparing students for a life of service in the local church; within the degree, there are two possible emphasis: biblical counseling or youth ministry. All students involved in this degree will be trained in biblical counseling, Greek, biblical studies, and practical theology. Each student will also participate in a capstone experience in practical theology to round off the time at Northland. Emphases in: Youth Ministry or Biblical Counseling

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Cross-Cultural Studies

A degree in cross-cultural studies proves quite valuable today for full-time missionaries as well as those who use business as a means to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. Students who pursue a Bachelor of Science in Cross-Cultural Studies will immerse themselves in many useful courses including Basic Linguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Spirituality and World Religions among others. Students must also complete our Liberal Arts, Bible, and Faith and Culture cores. Each student in this major will take part in a cross-cultural internship as a capstone experience as well. The GO Study Abroad program could provide additional cross-cultural experience to those in this degree. Emphases in TESOL, Regional Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

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The humanities can be described as the study of how people process and document the human experience, often expressed in philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history, and language. Our Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities includes 36 credits of approved coursework in cross-cultural studies, communication, English, linguistics, history, sociology, or social studies. Additionally, students in this major will fulfill courses in our Liberal Arts, Bible, and Faith and Culture cores. Students must complete a capstone project in order to graduate with this degree.

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Expository Preaching and Pastoral Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Expository Preaching and Pastoral Leadership prepares young men to confidently yet reverently communicate the Word of God in a local church setting. Not only will the student learn to present the meaning and intent of a biblical text clearly, but he will also learn to shepherd God’s flock. In addition to courses in our Liberal Arts, Bible, and Faith and Culture cores, students in this major will complete several preaching, church history, and counseling classes as well as two years of study of the Greek language. Each student must fulfill a capstone preaching experience.

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Rhetoric And Communication

The Bachelor of Science degree in Rhetoric and Communication will develop the students understanding of Communication Theory and Theatre. Along with the Liberal Arts, Bible, and Faith and Culture core classes, the student in this degree program will take courses that examine Communication through 3 approaches:  Classically, Empirically, and Performance Studies. All Rhetoric and Communication students will receive a thorough grounding in all 3 approaches, but the flexibility of the course plan allows for them to concentrate their electives in one of three approaches: Performance Studies and Theatre, Organizational Communication, or Applied Communications

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Graduate Degrees

Northland is committed to supporting the Church scattered abroad by offering biblical training to those who, through various life circumstances, are unable to attend classes onsite. The Northland Graduate School offers online classes, traditional semester classes, and condensed block classes to facilitate adult students in various life circumstances. Northland currently offers the following graduate degrees:

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